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About Me

Well-qualified Full Stack Developer familiar with a wide range of programming utilities and languages. Knowledgeable of backend and frontend development requirements. Confident with SQL and NoSQL databases. Adequate knowledge of collaboration and version control tools. Handles any part of the process with determination. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities offering 4 years of related experience and over 1 year of professional experience.

My Expertise

  • Fullstack Web Development

    I have more than 3 years of experience in building full stack web applications. This includes the backend, database integration, api development/documentation, and the frontend. I am proficient in Node.js for the backend and React for the frontend.

  • API Design/Development

    No backend/server-side application is complete without an API. I am well equiped with the knowledge required to build,test and document secure and performant APIs. This includes authentication, authorization, CRUD operations and more.

  • Mobile App Development

    I am currently using Flutter/Dart to build cross-platform performant applications. This includes Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac. I am also well acquainted with Domain Driven development practices.

  • Database Design

    I have worked with a number of databases, both SQL and NoSQL. These include MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Firestore and Redis. My expertise includes database design and normalization.

Blog Posts

Apart from building amazing products, I also like to write about the process. This is just a way of giving back to the community by providing free tutorials on various subjects. Would you like to have a read?

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